6 infographics to get the creative juices flowing

Andrew Martin
Content Marketing Executive

How good are infographics? Colourful, not text heavy yet still able to educate and inform the reader of the chosen topic.

They are an attractive alternative for brands looking to add a spicy new flavour to their content mix. With attention spans are dipping and scientists now believing we have a shorter span than that of a goldfish, you have one shot to impress your audience or risk losing them to a shinier new object. 

So this is how the pros do it. Pop culture, simplistic designs and topics interesting enough to make you click-n-share with friends and co-workers. 


1. Battle of the Bonds - Kisses, Cocktails, Kills, Cars & Cash

James Bond has been a mainstay franchise since Sean Connery made the character his own with Dr. No in 1962. It has since seen many takes on the character with Daniel Craig arguably throwing his hat in the ring as the best and most profitable James Bond of all time.  

Or was he? This brilliant illustration will make Bond experts of all of us all with everything from booze consumed per movie to the most profitable flick of the bunch.



2. Distance to Mars

Mars actually comes in second in the plants closest to Earth rankings with the number 1 spot going to venus. But that is beside the point as we gauge just how far away we are from our future second home.

This might not happen for some time but for those wondering how much Netflix you can fit in on the trip there (probably all of it), Distance to Mars is a simple and entertaining explanation of how Earth's best friend lives a long way away. 



3. Study: Fonts & Colors

Here's an idea. A breakdown of the major brands not by profits or market share (snore) but by the colors used in their logo's, most popular fonts and the structure of the logo itself. 

Amazingly, Coke, Google, Twitter and Nike spent a combined $50 on creating their logo's. But what emotions do we associate with each?

Source: Visually

Source: Visually


4. Redefining Action Hero

Is Bill Gates the caped crusader? As hard as we might wish, he more than likely isn't, at least not in the physical, squashing baddies to a pulp sense. From a monetary and philanthropy angle, though, he and Bruce Wayne could be one in the same.

As this infographic demonstrates, Bill has no problem saving the world from the clutches of disease and coaxing other wealthy, like-minded individuals to don capes to fight for a good cause.



5. The History of Advertising on YouTube

Remember that clip where Charlie bit his brother's finger? Chances are you do, your friends do, your parents who thought their phone was the TV remote might even as well. And so did the companies looking to engage an audience that had bolted for the new channel.

From registering the YouTube.com domain name in 2005 to surpassing 2 billion views by 2010, the click-for-lols manufacturer has given marketers the keys to all the grumpy cat videos they can get their mitts on. 


Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable


6. Around the World in 80 days

What would be your method of transport to scale the globe? By rocket or canoe? This design takes this into consideration as it breaks down 80 methods for doing a lap of the world.

From a combine harvester and hovercraft to a stretch limousine or tandem bike, it outlines time, speed and length of the trip. You haven't seen the world unless you have done it in a Three-Wheel Robin Reliant.


Source: Visually

Source: Visually

Remember, it's important to venture away from the stock standard statistics and instead focus on a space no one is occupying. Take on a topic that will surprise and engage your audience. 

Andrew Martin

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