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On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we talk with the PR Warrior, Trevor Young about the role influencer marketing is now playing in content strategies. As brands seek to distribute their content organically, the market for influencers has ballooned and has shown no signs of slowing down in 2017.

Consumers are saturated daily by advertisements and endless commercials, with many pundits believing an oversaturation of adverts is to blame for the declining ratings in the NFL this season. So why are brands pivoting to influencers to distribute their content?

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In this episode: 

- How influencer marketing can boost your content strategy. 

- Tips on how to maximise the right influencer to boost your brand awareness. 

About the guest:

Trevor Young is better known as the PR Warrior and is a regular guest and favourite on the Brand Storytelling podcast. He is also a regular keynote speaker on social media and content marketing trends.


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