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Newsmodo has had a long and successful working relationship with a number of News Ltd publications. When big news breaks involving Australian’s around the world, News Ltd comes to Newsmodo to extend their coverage and capabilities.

This was demonstrated on a number of stories that had global impact. The Westgate Mall attacks in Kenya, were covered by an Australian Newsmodo photojournalist for News Ltd.

Other exclusives have made front page news for arguably the biggest name in news publishing in Australia.

Other features on ‘The Peru Six’ and retrospective insights into events like the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania, Australia are strong examples of news content being delivered by Newsmodo to readers around the world.
Meet the last nomads from Afghanistan’s Pamir Mountains
Mohammed Alhwani works as a smuggler inside the underground tunnels of Gaza
Bronwyn Kay Atherton is serving 14 year sentence for drug trafficking in Lima, Peru

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