As a solely digital publication, must keep their content fresh and engaging by continuously updating their home page with new articles.

Even with the support of their parent company NewsCorp, and its extensive network of journalists, the editors still require an influx of exclusive stories to attract readers.

It’s not enough for a story to be exclusive however, it must also be interesting to a audience. 

This is where Newsmodo’s capability to provide coverage from remote locations around the world becomes valuable to clients like

The strength of still image

The relationship began when Newsmodo recognised’s need for imagery to help tell their stories. Newsmodo put a global call out to its network of freelance photographers who responded with pitches for outstanding exclusive photo stories.

Among these was the story of the last nomadic tribe living in Afghanistan’s remote Pamir mountains. The photography captured by photojournalist Tracey Croke amazed the editor and she immediately commissioned the piece.


    attracts high click rates by publishing a variety of highly captivating stories.  Access to stories such as this allow the site to maintain an engaged audience.

Stories tailor made for your audience

A key point of difference Newsmodo has from wire services is our ability to produce stories that are tailored to the style and tone of the publication.

Newsmodo also puts great emphasis on knowing the type of story a publication is interested in. for instance, are particularly interested in stories involving Australians in strife abroad. 

This story about an Australian who has spent more than 14 years in a female prison in Peru exemplifies the hard to reach stories Newsmodo can access through its global network of freelance journalists.

The thorn in the side of newsrooms has been plucked

The citizen’s interest and desire for news has not changed but the means for sourcing it has. 

Now more than ever news is a global business. 

Where in times gone by the tyranny of distance meant publications could not easily report on issues abroad, now Newsmodo is able to source specialist and professional freelance journalists all over the world at short notice.

Here are some of the standout exclusives we published with


If you need a journalist, photographer, videographer anywhere in the world then contact Newsmodo for more information.

Suncorp Bank

The Figures

Statistics don’t lie, and the Suncorp numbers show how organic web traffic to the 'Insight is Everything' platform has more than doubled, thanks in part to content and insights from Newsmodo journalists.

  Organic page visits since Newsmodo commenced work on Suncorp’s  ‘Insight is Everything’ (October 2013 to October 2014).


Organic page visits since Newsmodo commenced work on Suncorp’s  ‘Insight is Everything’ (October 2013 to October 2014).


The Feedback

Here’s what Suncorp’s eCommerce & Digital Content Advisor said on working with Newsmodo.

For me, what Newsmodo bring that few others do, is a quality of writing, and a super­-quality pool of journalists. I knew I was looking for journalists, Newsmodo offered nothing but.
— Suncorp’s eCommerce & Digital Content Advisor, Sam Hobson

The Facts

With interest rates reaching record lows and house prices on the rise, the climate of personal banking isn’t what it used to be. Australian’s are no­-longer assumed to be life­-long loyal customers, with most families and individuals regularly seeking to shop around for the best deal. 

In this environment, CMO’s will tell you, the customer - brand relationship are more important than ever. This is particularly pertinent in the finance sector, where reputation is supreme. 

A good reputation is built on trust, and trust is built on expertise. That’s why Suncorp’s ‘Insight is Everything’ platform continues to lead the way in high quality, informative banking and finance news. This platform is where Suncorp earns the trust and respect of current and future customers.

The empathy of journalists

In March 2014, Suncorp had an existing stable of in house content creators but knew they needed to diversify their content and better engage their audience. For this, they would need experts who were not only great at communicating complicated financial information, but also terrific storytellers. This led them in search of journalists.

Newsmodo’s greatest asset is journalists, whose strength stems from their expertise, gained from years of practical experience, research skills, and bulging contact books.

For ‘Insight Is Everything’ brilliant storytelling is the key; they want the material produced by Newsmodo to establish a connection with its readers by bringing them into the content experience. In other words, the articles are relatable, understanding the customer’s challenges and offering solutions to overcome them.

The experience of journalists

Newsmodo provided a range of experienced and trusted journalists from across the media landscape, who are all experts in the finance space. Added to this, with the ongoing support  of our editorial team, we regularly generate new story concepts, working with the journalists to proactively fill out Suncorp’s content calendar.

In addition to freeing up precious time for Sam Hobson and his internal Marketing team, Newsmodo’s content created a funnel of qualified leads. With SEO results tied closely to the quality of content, Newsmodo has become a powerful partner to clients like Suncorp. 

Our journalists are better equipped to satisfy these requirements than copywriters because they are professionally trained to understand subject matter, dissect the target audience and deliver well planned stories. This kind of skill results in a genuine experience for clients and customers alike.

In this case, our team’s ability to source case studies, conduct exclusive interviews and provide analogies to communicate a thoroughly researched and impartial point of view has helped drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention at Suncorp. 

The assets of journalists

Newsmodo’s greatest asset is its journalists, whose strengths stem from a collective expertise across all areas, gained from years of practical experience, research skills and bulging contact books.

That expertise empowers Newsmodo to pitch great stories and then bring them to life. In Suncorp’s case, it’s our editorial ability to understand a brief and the required tone which makes for content that doesn’t just reach, but exceeds the client’s expectations.

A good reputation is built on trust
and trust is built on expertise

At every stage of the editorial process, from pitching ideas through to delivery, our attention to detail comes to the fore. This was best reflected in our ability to ensure relevant SEO keywords were always in the text, whilst not letting those keywords drive the feel of the story. Doing so also alleviated the need for Suncorp to hire an external SEO agency for this requirement.

For more information on how you can double your web traffic through quality content, contact our team any time.

Woman's Day

As one of Australia’s highest circulated magazines, Woman's Day has been a trusted source of news and entertainment for millions of readers.

To stay on top of their rivals they require new, interesting and exclusive stories to tell; but it's not always easy to uncover something unique.

When Woman’s Day couldn’t find multiple case studies for a story idea they turned to Newsmodo. 

They were looking for three Australian couples who had married, divorced and then subsequently remarried the same person and were now living happily ever after.

Woman’s Day had exhausted their own networks and reached out to Newsmodo.

The unusual challenge was accepted by Newsmodo’s editorial team with the faith that our tight­knit network could deliver on the promise of finding these cases.

The search began with briefs sent to every corner of the country. It was unsurprisingly difficult to find people who had remarried someone they had divorced.

Not long after the search began a journalist from Adelaide responded with a potential case. Then a second came from WA, a third from Sydney and then a fourth, fifth and sixth. We sourced photographs, relationship details and available dates for photoshoots and packaged the details up for Woman’s Day.

After choosing three lucky couples, Woman’s Day flew the them to Sydney for a photoshoot. The result was this two page spread in the magazine a week later:

We continue to work with Woman’s Day to provide them with unusual case studies as well as exclusive stories pitched by our freelance journalists.

They also turn to us when they need coverage of international stories.

Newsmodo had the exclusive when Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr split and there were rumours Bloom had an affair with the co­-star of his Broadway show, Condola Rashard:

Newsmodo’s journalists always have their ear to the ground looking for new stories to tell. We have Australia covered with journalists in every state and territory, ready for their next assignment.

When I needed a trustworthy writer and photographer in Peru for a fast­-breaking news story, Newsmodo delivered on story brief, budget and deadline. An invaluable service for those far-­flung hot­spots.
— James Graham ­ News Editor, Woman's Day

Our work continues with Woman’s Day, helping to satisfy their need for exclusive stories that Australian’s want to read. 

If you are looking for agency who can find great stories at home or abroad, contact us and we’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

The New Daily

What does a publication do to grow and maintain a loyal audience? It builds trust.

It is a hard-­earned commodity and one that is difficult to recover if lost. 

As a new publication entering the ruthless Australian media block in 2014, The New Daily needed to establish a loyal readership and it needed to be dynamic in its approach to earning revenue from advertising.


Integrity and independence

The New Daily quickly recognised native advertising as a key revenue stream on top of the investment they receive, but their editors and journalists were conflicted. 

If they wrote advertising copy for the site how could they maintain their editorial independence and integrity? They could be seen as biased towards advertisers. 

This can be a crippling position for any publication whether they are branded or editorial ventures; the trust of your audience is key. 

As an independent supplier, Newsmodo is able to step in to produce native advertising content for publications.

Newsmodo’s suite of professional freelance journalists have collectively thousands of years worth of experience working for big media companies: News Corp, Fairfax and Bauer Media to name a few. 

This industry nous enables them to execute a brief to the exacting standards of an advertiser, while aligning tone and style expectations with the publication. This ensures both parties are happy with the final product.

Diverse content capabilities

Another key point of difference for The New Daily when it contracted Newsmodo was its ability to create infographics that align with the messaging in articles.

Content is enhanced when partnered with another form of content; ­­ a photo is aided by its caption as an article is by pictures, but it doesn’t stop there.

In digital publishing, the possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging content are ever-
increasing. Videos, infographics, tweets, pull quotes and more can and should be embedded within articles to create an engaging user experience. 

Newsmodo is an expert in producing packages of content. Whether it is articles, videos or infographics, our capacity to tap into rich veins of expert content producers gives us the unique ability to be your bespoke content package providers.

This was exemplified by our 2014 campaign for The New Daily and Dan Murphy's, which proved Newsmodo's prowess in turning an advertising brief into high quality advertorial material, along with stunning visual representations. It also gave The New Daily’s editors the editorial independence they needed to build trust with their audience.

If you are looking for journalists, photographers, videographers, designers or producers or podcasters to create your next batch of content, contact us for more information.



In late 2014, leading global creative agency M&C Saatchi, needed editorial articles to complement a major advertising campaign for a leading Australian bank.

This content would require the work of journalists highly knowledgeable within the finance sector who could file a finalised article within 24 hours. 

With its newsroom mentality the Newsmodo team tapped into its network of experienced professional journalists to deliver exceptional content within the tight timeframe.

Newsmodo provided a great service. We received exceptional long form articles that were delivered with speed and professionalism.
— Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director

A big agency with a big problem

Award ­winning international advertising agency M&C Saatchi is the biggest independent creative agency in the world but they had a problem. They had to produce six personal finance articles. And fast. 

Cue Newsmodo and its network of well ­credentialed finance journalists adept at converting high-
level financial information into engaging consumer facing content.

24 Hour Turnaround

The client needed this content realised within 24 hours. There was no room for error and the process called for a fast and highly efficient team collaboration between the client, Newsmodo editors and the journalists.

Speed (while still executing to a high standard) is a Newsmodo specialty. After receiving the six article briefs slightly after 4pm on a Tuesday, the editorial team was able to find the appropriate journalists available to work on the articles and submit them that night.

Apart from optimum timeliness, the other consideration pertained to quality. While Newsmodo is supremely confident in its freelancers abilities we still provide editorial oversight for all commissioned articles and despite the swiftness, the M&C Saatchi project was no different. 

As the articles came in on that Tuesday evening, the Newsmodo editorial team was on hand to provide immediate feedback and suggestions on ways the articles could be improved. 

This process was quick and efficient - the Newsmodo team arrived at their desks the next morning to find completed copy in their inbox. After some final finessing, this was able to be submitted to M&C Saatchi less than 16 hours after the content was commissioned.

A Newsroom Mentality

From an editorial perspective, Newsmodo’s two greatest strengths are our ‘newsroom mentality’ (in other words, applying the same principles to the creation of branded content as the provision of breaking news) and our attention to detail.

This means getting the brief right before journalists are commissioned. With such a short turn around time, it is crucial to establish a detailed and accurate brief that communicates the client’s precise needs in a way journalists can understand. 

This ensures that:
a) The client has no nasty surprises
b) The journalists are able to work as efficiently as possible without constant need for clarification

M&C Saatchi received expertly written content to compliment their brilliant creative campaign, in just 24 hours. Newsmodo’s professionalism and brand newsroom environment allow it to collaborate with the biggest international clients. 

If you need your content produced efficiently and effectively, please contact Newsmodo today for more information.

ANZ BlueNotes


The ANZ BlueNotes newsroom is home to some of Australia’s most prominent and trusted media voices. They utilise this expertise as part of their mission statement to provide quality coverage of financial issues, especially those related to events and news within Australia.

Due mostly to the tyranny of distance, though, they are not as well equipped to cover international issues. 

Given the Australian economy’s pivotal ties with the Asia ­Pacific region, it’s crucial BlueNotes is able to provide insight from financial and business journalists based in Asia’s most important hubs. 

This is where Newsmodo has been able to help.

Growth and brand exposure

ANZ Bank launched their brand newsroom, BlueNotes, in April 2014 as an authority in finance and business news. The platform grew rapidly, earning over 3,300 influential subscribers in just one year.

Indeed, so successful were BlueNotes’ initial steps that Amanda Gome, Head of Digital and Social Media at ANZ, told AdNews the platform had surpassed expectations.

This success not only provides the industry with a respected source of news and insider knowledge but also gives ANZ valuable brand exposure.

Newsmodo pitches and delivers excellent content, drawing on quality journalists throughout the region. Newsmodo shows a clear understanding of our audience and the sort of material we need.
— Andrew Cornell, ANZ BlueNotes


As the effects of the Asian Century filter through business, politics and economics around the globe, major brands in Australia are ramping up the need to establish brand awareness in Asian markets. 

Expanding its presence in Asia is an imperative for ANZ and it has in part been realised through BlueNotes’ capacity to penetrate Asian markets with news from Australia.

To boost its authority and industry influence across international borders, ANZ was presented a challenge. The BlueNotes team needed finance journalists learned in Asian business and economics who were living in and reporting on the region.

Access to international experts

The global reach and size of Newsmodo’s contributor base gives brands access to highly credentialed journalists in almost any field, in any country.

For ANZ BlueNotes, Newsmodo has been able to source business journalists living and working across Asia - enabling the publication to provide expert insight and opinion from the region.

From Hong Kong to Tokyo, Singapore to Shanghai, these journalists have extensive contact books, industry knowledge and storytelling skills, which lends authority and credibility to the BlueNotes platform.

Newsmodo was able to contribute crucial content needed to enhance the offerings of BlueNotes. In 2014 BlueNotes was awarded Brand Site of the Year at the BeFest Awards.

Crucial content at a critical time

BlueNotes’ Asian business and culture content has been some of its most popular.

Articles focusing on cultural understanding and economic development have provided valuable insight for Australian businesses keen to work better with their counterparts in Asia.


In 2014 BlueNotes was awarded Brand Site of the Year at the BeFest Awards. In 2015, BlueNotes received the Excellence Award for Multi-audience Communication from the International Association for Business Communicators.

The BlueNotes platform is a ground-breaking step in brand journalism demonstrating the veracity and necessity for brands to produce content. 

Newsmodo is proud to be a provider of authoritative, culturally aware voices for BlueNotes.

As ANZ and BlueNotes go from strength to strength in Asia, Newsmodo follows - now providing infographics to support other articles published on the site.

Experts around the globe

Finding the perfect person for the job is not always an easy task but Newsmodo prides itself on it’s ability to source writers who can meet client demands, and provide content of exceptional quality. 

The BlueNotes project tested this ability but the results speak for themselves.

If you are looking for a specialist journalist in Australia or around the world, for your brand or publication, contact Newsmodo today.