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The ANZ BlueNotes newsroom is home to some of Australia’s most prominent and trusted media voices. They utilise this expertise as part of their mission statement to provide quality coverage of financial issues, especially those related to events and news within Australia.

Due mostly to the tyranny of distance, though, they are not as well equipped to cover international issues. 

Given the Australian economy’s pivotal ties with the Asia ­Pacific region, it’s crucial BlueNotes is able to provide insight from financial and business journalists based in Asia’s most important hubs. 

This is where Newsmodo has been able to help.

Growth and brand exposure

ANZ Bank launched their brand newsroom, BlueNotes, in April 2014 as an authority in finance and business news. The platform grew rapidly, earning over 3,300 influential subscribers in just one year.

Indeed, so successful were BlueNotes’ initial steps that Amanda Gome, Head of Digital and Social Media at ANZ, told AdNews the platform had surpassed expectations.

This success not only provides the industry with a respected source of news and insider knowledge but also gives ANZ valuable brand exposure.

Newsmodo pitches and delivers excellent content, drawing on quality journalists throughout the region. Newsmodo shows a clear understanding of our audience and the sort of material we need.
— Andrew Cornell, ANZ BlueNotes


As the effects of the Asian Century filter through business, politics and economics around the globe, major brands in Australia are ramping up the need to establish brand awareness in Asian markets. 

Expanding its presence in Asia is an imperative for ANZ and it has in part been realised through BlueNotes’ capacity to penetrate Asian markets with news from Australia.

To boost its authority and industry influence across international borders, ANZ was presented a challenge. The BlueNotes team needed finance journalists learned in Asian business and economics who were living in and reporting on the region.

Access to international experts

The global reach and size of Newsmodo’s contributor base gives brands access to highly credentialed journalists in almost any field, in any country.

For ANZ BlueNotes, Newsmodo has been able to source business journalists living and working across Asia - enabling the publication to provide expert insight and opinion from the region.

From Hong Kong to Tokyo, Singapore to Shanghai, these journalists have extensive contact books, industry knowledge and storytelling skills, which lends authority and credibility to the BlueNotes platform.

Newsmodo was able to contribute crucial content needed to enhance the offerings of BlueNotes. In 2014 BlueNotes was awarded Brand Site of the Year at the BeFest Awards.

Crucial content at a critical time

BlueNotes’ Asian business and culture content has been some of its most popular.

Articles focusing on cultural understanding and economic development have provided valuable insight for Australian businesses keen to work better with their counterparts in Asia.


In 2014 BlueNotes was awarded Brand Site of the Year at the BeFest Awards. In 2015, BlueNotes received the Excellence Award for Multi-audience Communication from the International Association for Business Communicators.

The BlueNotes platform is a ground-breaking step in brand journalism demonstrating the veracity and necessity for brands to produce content. 

Newsmodo is proud to be a provider of authoritative, culturally aware voices for BlueNotes.

As ANZ and BlueNotes go from strength to strength in Asia, Newsmodo follows - now providing infographics to support other articles published on the site.

Experts around the globe

Finding the perfect person for the job is not always an easy task but Newsmodo prides itself on it’s ability to source writers who can meet client demands, and provide content of exceptional quality. 

The BlueNotes project tested this ability but the results speak for themselves.

If you are looking for a specialist journalist in Australia or around the world, for your brand or publication, contact Newsmodo today.


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