In late 2014, leading global creative agency M&C Saatchi, needed editorial articles to complement a major advertising campaign for a leading Australian bank.

This content would require the work of journalists highly knowledgeable within the finance sector who could file a finalised article within 24 hours. 

With its newsroom mentality the Newsmodo team tapped into its network of experienced professional journalists to deliver exceptional content within the tight timeframe.

Newsmodo provided a great service. We received exceptional long form articles that were delivered with speed and professionalism.
— Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director

A big agency with a big problem

Award ­winning international advertising agency M&C Saatchi is the biggest independent creative agency in the world but they had a problem. They had to produce six personal finance articles. And fast. 

Cue Newsmodo and its network of well ­credentialed finance journalists adept at converting high-
level financial information into engaging consumer facing content.

24 Hour Turnaround

The client needed this content realised within 24 hours. There was no room for error and the process called for a fast and highly efficient team collaboration between the client, Newsmodo editors and the journalists.

Speed (while still executing to a high standard) is a Newsmodo specialty. After receiving the six article briefs slightly after 4pm on a Tuesday, the editorial team was able to find the appropriate journalists available to work on the articles and submit them that night.

Apart from optimum timeliness, the other consideration pertained to quality. While Newsmodo is supremely confident in its freelancers abilities we still provide editorial oversight for all commissioned articles and despite the swiftness, the M&C Saatchi project was no different. 

As the articles came in on that Tuesday evening, the Newsmodo editorial team was on hand to provide immediate feedback and suggestions on ways the articles could be improved. 

This process was quick and efficient - the Newsmodo team arrived at their desks the next morning to find completed copy in their inbox. After some final finessing, this was able to be submitted to M&C Saatchi less than 16 hours after the content was commissioned.

A Newsroom Mentality

From an editorial perspective, Newsmodo’s two greatest strengths are our ‘newsroom mentality’ (in other words, applying the same principles to the creation of branded content as the provision of breaking news) and our attention to detail.

This means getting the brief right before journalists are commissioned. With such a short turn around time, it is crucial to establish a detailed and accurate brief that communicates the client’s precise needs in a way journalists can understand. 

This ensures that:
a) The client has no nasty surprises
b) The journalists are able to work as efficiently as possible without constant need for clarification

M&C Saatchi received expertly written content to compliment their brilliant creative campaign, in just 24 hours. Newsmodo’s professionalism and brand newsroom environment allow it to collaborate with the biggest international clients. 

If you need your content produced efficiently and effectively, please contact Newsmodo today for more information.

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