As a solely digital publication, must keep their content fresh and engaging by continuously updating their home page with new articles.

Even with the support of their parent company NewsCorp, and its extensive network of journalists, the editors still require an influx of exclusive stories to attract readers.

It’s not enough for a story to be exclusive however, it must also be interesting to a audience. 

This is where Newsmodo’s capability to provide coverage from remote locations around the world becomes valuable to clients like

The strength of still image

The relationship began when Newsmodo recognised’s need for imagery to help tell their stories. Newsmodo put a global call out to its network of freelance photographers who responded with pitches for outstanding exclusive photo stories.

Among these was the story of the last nomadic tribe living in Afghanistan’s remote Pamir mountains. The photography captured by photojournalist Tracey Croke amazed the editor and she immediately commissioned the piece.


    attracts high click rates by publishing a variety of highly captivating stories.  Access to stories such as this allow the site to maintain an engaged audience.

Stories tailor made for your audience

A key point of difference Newsmodo has from wire services is our ability to produce stories that are tailored to the style and tone of the publication.

Newsmodo also puts great emphasis on knowing the type of story a publication is interested in. for instance, are particularly interested in stories involving Australians in strife abroad. 

This story about an Australian who has spent more than 14 years in a female prison in Peru exemplifies the hard to reach stories Newsmodo can access through its global network of freelance journalists.

The thorn in the side of newsrooms has been plucked

The citizen’s interest and desire for news has not changed but the means for sourcing it has. 

Now more than ever news is a global business. 

Where in times gone by the tyranny of distance meant publications could not easily report on issues abroad, now Newsmodo is able to source specialist and professional freelance journalists all over the world at short notice.

Here are some of the standout exclusives we published with


If you need a journalist, photographer, videographer anywhere in the world then contact Newsmodo for more information.

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