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The Figures

Statistics don’t lie, and the Suncorp numbers show how organic web traffic to the 'Insight is Everything' platform has more than doubled, thanks in part to content and insights from Newsmodo journalists.

  Organic page visits since Newsmodo commenced work on Suncorp’s  ‘Insight is Everything’ (October 2013 to October 2014).


Organic page visits since Newsmodo commenced work on Suncorp’s  ‘Insight is Everything’ (October 2013 to October 2014).


The Feedback

Here’s what Suncorp’s eCommerce & Digital Content Advisor said on working with Newsmodo.

For me, what Newsmodo bring that few others do, is a quality of writing, and a super­-quality pool of journalists. I knew I was looking for journalists, Newsmodo offered nothing but.
— Suncorp’s eCommerce & Digital Content Advisor, Sam Hobson

The Facts

With interest rates reaching record lows and house prices on the rise, the climate of personal banking isn’t what it used to be. Australian’s are no­-longer assumed to be life­-long loyal customers, with most families and individuals regularly seeking to shop around for the best deal. 

In this environment, CMO’s will tell you, the customer - brand relationship are more important than ever. This is particularly pertinent in the finance sector, where reputation is supreme. 

A good reputation is built on trust, and trust is built on expertise. That’s why Suncorp’s ‘Insight is Everything’ platform continues to lead the way in high quality, informative banking and finance news. This platform is where Suncorp earns the trust and respect of current and future customers.

The empathy of journalists

In March 2014, Suncorp had an existing stable of in house content creators but knew they needed to diversify their content and better engage their audience. For this, they would need experts who were not only great at communicating complicated financial information, but also terrific storytellers. This led them in search of journalists.

Newsmodo’s greatest asset is journalists, whose strength stems from their expertise, gained from years of practical experience, research skills, and bulging contact books.

For ‘Insight Is Everything’ brilliant storytelling is the key; they want the material produced by Newsmodo to establish a connection with its readers by bringing them into the content experience. In other words, the articles are relatable, understanding the customer’s challenges and offering solutions to overcome them.

The experience of journalists

Newsmodo provided a range of experienced and trusted journalists from across the media landscape, who are all experts in the finance space. Added to this, with the ongoing support  of our editorial team, we regularly generate new story concepts, working with the journalists to proactively fill out Suncorp’s content calendar.

In addition to freeing up precious time for Sam Hobson and his internal Marketing team, Newsmodo’s content created a funnel of qualified leads. With SEO results tied closely to the quality of content, Newsmodo has become a powerful partner to clients like Suncorp. 

Our journalists are better equipped to satisfy these requirements than copywriters because they are professionally trained to understand subject matter, dissect the target audience and deliver well planned stories. This kind of skill results in a genuine experience for clients and customers alike.

In this case, our team’s ability to source case studies, conduct exclusive interviews and provide analogies to communicate a thoroughly researched and impartial point of view has helped drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention at Suncorp. 

The assets of journalists

Newsmodo’s greatest asset is its journalists, whose strengths stem from a collective expertise across all areas, gained from years of practical experience, research skills and bulging contact books.

That expertise empowers Newsmodo to pitch great stories and then bring them to life. In Suncorp’s case, it’s our editorial ability to understand a brief and the required tone which makes for content that doesn’t just reach, but exceeds the client’s expectations.

A good reputation is built on trust
and trust is built on expertise

At every stage of the editorial process, from pitching ideas through to delivery, our attention to detail comes to the fore. This was best reflected in our ability to ensure relevant SEO keywords were always in the text, whilst not letting those keywords drive the feel of the story. Doing so also alleviated the need for Suncorp to hire an external SEO agency for this requirement.

For more information on how you can double your web traffic through quality content, contact our team any time.

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