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What does a publication do to grow and maintain a loyal audience? It builds trust.

It is a hard-­earned commodity and one that is difficult to recover if lost. 

As a new publication entering the ruthless Australian media block in 2014, The New Daily needed to establish a loyal readership and it needed to be dynamic in its approach to earning revenue from advertising.


Integrity and independence

The New Daily quickly recognised native advertising as a key revenue stream on top of the investment they receive, but their editors and journalists were conflicted. 

If they wrote advertising copy for the site how could they maintain their editorial independence and integrity? They could be seen as biased towards advertisers. 

This can be a crippling position for any publication whether they are branded or editorial ventures; the trust of your audience is key. 

As an independent supplier, Newsmodo is able to step in to produce native advertising content for publications.

Newsmodo’s suite of professional freelance journalists have collectively thousands of years worth of experience working for big media companies: News Corp, Fairfax and Bauer Media to name a few. 

This industry nous enables them to execute a brief to the exacting standards of an advertiser, while aligning tone and style expectations with the publication. This ensures both parties are happy with the final product.

Diverse content capabilities

Another key point of difference for The New Daily when it contracted Newsmodo was its ability to create infographics that align with the messaging in articles.

Content is enhanced when partnered with another form of content; ­­ a photo is aided by its caption as an article is by pictures, but it doesn’t stop there.

In digital publishing, the possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging content are ever-
increasing. Videos, infographics, tweets, pull quotes and more can and should be embedded within articles to create an engaging user experience. 

Newsmodo is an expert in producing packages of content. Whether it is articles, videos or infographics, our capacity to tap into rich veins of expert content producers gives us the unique ability to be your bespoke content package providers.

This was exemplified by our 2014 campaign for The New Daily and Dan Murphy's, which proved Newsmodo's prowess in turning an advertising brief into high quality advertorial material, along with stunning visual representations. It also gave The New Daily’s editors the editorial independence they needed to build trust with their audience.

If you are looking for journalists, photographers, videographers, designers or producers or podcasters to create your next batch of content, contact us for more information.

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