Fairfax has an expansive list of clients across many different industries who require sponsored or branded content. Often, articles require an author who has prior experience writing on such topics – in order to lend credibility to the client and ensure the factual accuracy of the sponsored content. Brand Discover’s clients also require other forms of content such as infographics, quizzes, GIF’s and imagery.



This is where Newsmodo comes to the fore by sourcing freelancers from its network to match the specific requirements of the job. Newsmodo has provided a vast array of articles ranging from IT advise to travel stories. Newsmodo was able to supply writers experienced in specialty areas such as finance, who had credibility and knowledge of the sector.



Newsmodo is able to leverage the diverse range of skills within our network, to deliver many forms of content, in many specialty areas. Brand Discover also requires Newsmodo to deliver content within very short time frames, something they are able to do by harnessing their ‘brand newsroom’ mentality. Articles complete with images are generally filed within three business days of being commissioned.