On Thursday, July 17, 2014 Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 tragically crashed east of Donetsk, Ukraine, leaving no survivors. With 193 Dutch passengers, 43 Malaysians and 27 Australians among other nationalities on board, it wasn’t long before the world’s media wanted exclusive coverage of the tragedy. The world shook when a passenger liner carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members was shot down in the Ukraine. Newsrooms across the world scrambled to get the first reports from ground zero. Newsmodo was one of the first to react. Within hours of the plane going down, Newsmodo was talking to an Australian Journalist, Demjin Doroschenko, standing on the wing of the downed plane. Through Newsmodo Doroshenko went on to report for ABC News24, 3AW, Triple M, NBC Universal, Newscorp, Seven News, The Sun (UK) and 6PR Perth. Newsmodo was then recognised by Media Watch as the supplier of the first interview with Doroschenko.



Newsmodo was immediately on the phones, reaching out to its journalists based in Ukraine and Malaysia where the story was playing out. Quickly journalists were sourced in both locations for TV and radio interviews. Many began work straight away on a daily rate, shooting video and capturing images. The coup of the day was finding Australian journalist Demjin Doroshenko who happened to be on the scene just hours after the plane was downed. Demjin was one of two journalists at the scene providing coverage.



Australian, UK, and US media all made use of Demjin’s services on the day. He was interviewed by ABC (AUS), The Sun (UK), NBC (US), Triple M, News Limited, Seven News, 6PR, The New Daily, Ten News, 3AW, Associated Press, The Mirror. Subsequently, Demjin went onto work exclusively for Seven News in Australia, providing coverage in the aftermath of the event.