CLIENT NAME: Natio Pty Ltd




Newsmodo was asked to create a short video that sits on the NATIO home page. The video should convey the spirit of the NATIO brand rather than advertise product. The video should to reach a mixed national audience Australian women seeking to influence a core group of young mums aged 25-44. The video should reassure those who already know the brand, warmly welcome those who may have recently started using Natio and to tempt those who have never tried Natio before.The video should be designed to be shown on the NATIO website, in presentations and at conferences, attached to edms and published via social media.



Newsmodo developed and assembled a production team including producer, DOP, crew and models whilst securing a prime shoot location close to the city. Newsmodo led production meetings through pre-production, production and post-production. Newsmodo project managed all aspects of the shoot, contracting, budget and delivery.



Newsmodo created a lyrical 90 second video shows two sisters’ gentle reflections on beauty set within the beautiful Australian cottage garden at Heide in Victoria. The product was the outcome of a collaborative creative partnership between NATIO and Newsmodo.


“We wanted a movie that tells a story that recognises Natio brand, makes our audience like the brand and feel good about Natio. It’s a very exciting opportunity to present a very strong “natural Australian” feel for the NATIO brand. I feel quite confident our audience will respond positively. ” – Max Ross – NATIO CEO and Founder