Growing up in New Zealand, employment opportunities for astronauts seemed unlikely – so Megan Anderson took to pen instead, where every topic in the world was within reach.

After writing for The New Zealand Herald on travel, fashion and the arts, Megan jumped the ditch to immerse herself in the world of publishing and freelance journalism in Melbourne. Since then, she has written for and edited a variety of online and print publications, including Al Jazeera, The Big Issue, ArtsHub Australia, ArtsHub UK, Going Down Swinging, New Zealand Geographic, New Zealand Musician and SPOOK magazine. She spent the best part of 2014 reporting and tweeting from Edinburgh on some of the biggest festivals in the world, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With an active presence and background in the arts, Megan is well-placed to cover such events.

Megan’s copywriting experience has ranged from coffee tasting and developing brand strategies for start-ups to interviewing trendsetters for fashion blogs. She has hauled herself into social media, edited CSS for WordPress blogs and written too many meta tags to count. If there’s a project around, she wants in.

A tireless questioner, Megan’s skill lies in her curiosity for pretty much everything – from politics and development studies to the next big name in short fiction. For Megan, journalism offers an opportunity to explore these topics from all angles; playing with words while making sense of the world.

As a freelancer, Newsmodo is the perfect fuel for this curiosity, and a way to reach all varieties of publications and people at once.

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