In 2002, Alex Prior co-founded - one of the first of the online news outfits.  ScreenHub provided financial and insider news to the 80,000+ professionals working in film and television.

With its specialist and high value articles locked firmly away behind a paywall, he grew ScreenHub to become the largest industry website both by traffic and by revenue. 

In 2012, Alex negotiated its trade sale, and became editor-in-chief of the artsHub group of websites.  An expert on web content and search engine optimisation, he doubled’s unique pageviews within three months of being appointed.

With a keen eye for the money, Alex is also a bit of a rare journalistic bird - an entertainment reporter who understands finances, following the money to uncover stories that titillate the business and the entertainment pages.  (He has the distinction of having written articles that caused the dismissal of not one, but two successive CEOs of Queensland’s film development agency).

Growing up as a skinny, short-sighted kid in regional Australia, his sole macho credential was an (incongruously deep)  baritone voice.  Buck teeth (and let’s face it, the lack of cameras) ruled out a television career, but the voice had him on Radio 4BU by the time he was 16, where he fell in love with journalism and with the intricacies of the entertainment business.

The result is that, in addition to being a journalist, he has extensive experience in the industry that he covers.  He has run festivals, managed a theatre, written commissioned stage plays, and raised millions in finance.

And that gives Alex the knowledge and the contacts to go beyond the glam and get to the guts of entertainment stories - to deliver the high value, exclusive content that helps publications and brands break away from the herd.

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