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I’ve been captivated by words, writing and storytelling since I was a child, an avid reader with a huge library of books and magazines, who kept a journal and wrote endless short stories. Today, I have more than 30 years of being a journalist and writer under my belt, freelancing for newspapers and magazines, and running my own media and publishing businesses in the UK during the 1990’s, and for the past 16 years in my forever home, Sydney. I have always been able to write about topics I have a genuine passion for, primarily health, wellbeing and travel, however, I have also been known to dabble in business,  sport and the arts from time to time; it’s challenging, and keeps things interesting. As a result, I have clips from a wide variety of titles, from Rolling Stone and Oyster magazine, to Good Health, Men’s Health and more recently, YOURS. When it comes to travel, I am a cruising expert with 25 years experience, which lead to me working for three years as the Sun Herald’s cruising columnist, and co-writing the 2009 book Cruising (New Holland) with my husband. I now run one of Australia’s leading cruising websites,, as well as my own luxury travel website,, but in truth health and wellbeing are never far from my mind. In 2009 the first issue of my women’s health book 40 And Still Fabulous (New Holland) was published, and in October 2014 I released a new and updated version in ebook format; 40 And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter. I believe I have many key skills to offer, from attention to detail and thorough researching, to print, online and social experience. And I also have the ability to tell an interesting yarn, which helps!

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