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Ever since she produced her own pretendey magazines as a girl, Judy has been obsessed with writing. Her first full-time job in publishing was writing and editing copy for teen bible, Dolly magazine, followed by a stint as Decorating Editor on Woman’s Day. But as inspiration doesn’t neatly fit into traditional 9 to 5 hours, she found a freelance career beckoned. 

Contributions about lifestyle for leading women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan were followed by a decision to combine her two passions: writing and houses/interior design.  

For around four years she wrote a column, By The Way, for Home Beautiful (the very first piece was on an oven-cleaning fairy) then the popular Skerricks column for Country Style magazine. Both columns allowed her to ferret out useful and quirky goings-on in the world of homes, gardens and art. 

During this time Judy also sourced and wrote house features for a variety of leading Australian magazines including the Lifestyle titles (Renovation & Restoration, Pools, Kitchens & Bathrooms), Country Looks, Country Style, Home Beautiful and House & Garden, Belle, and she also contributed regular home features for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Style and Domain sections as well as design stories for other sections of that newspaper for example, Spectrum. 

While featuring sustainable, well-resolved houses remain a focus she also contributes to Fairfax online: a favourite section is Executive Style where she writes about workplace design. Previous experience as a photographic stylist has led to her producing picture galleries to accompany many of her online articles. 

Another string to her bow is writing about health and wellness: for a card-carrying hypochondriac it’s another topic crying out to be examined. Freelancing suits her perfectionist personality: the job is always completed on time but it may well have been written at midnight.


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