Today I am on the scent of wild dogs decimating livestock in the remote Murchison region of Western Australia and later, meeting a woman who just a few years ago could never have foreseen she would be homeless; struggling to survive on Perth’s streets. 

So when Newsmodo asked me to tell you what the most important part of my job as a freelance journalist was, I distilled it to this; telling the stories, through words and photographs, that can make a difference.    

I started freelancing in my Honours year at university, went into a full-time job at a magazine, into various news rooms as a reporter and media relations jobs. Twenty years later I have come full-circle, back freelancing and thriving in the freedom. 

I am extremely fortunate to have won a prestigious Perth Press Club Award in 2001 and more recently Best Freelancer at the 2014 WA Media Awards. In between my greatest win is to have raised a child with a disability and survived (barely), sanity and marriage intact (extraordinarily); but that’s another story I am not quite ready to tell.   

I have the skills to write news and features equally well and my areas of expertise include but are not limited to science, lifestyle, profiles, news of any type and of course my passion – the features behind the news. 

I thank my journalism students at Curtin University for helping me improve my own writing even further, to slow down and get it right rather than just get it done and to maintain a keen eye for detail.  

And when I have to tackle tough jobs that ‘piss-off’ important people, like my controversial Walkley Magazine story on the WA Government Media Office, I keep in mind the advice I give my ethics students – be brave.  

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