Melissa was in Guadalajara, Mexico when she decided she had to be a journalist. That was six years ago. 

In that time, Melissa has worked as a journalist for the Guadalajara Reporter, a content coordinator and social media strategist for the Pan American Game, and a travel writer for Fodor’s Travel Guides in Argentina. Her stories have also appeared in the English-language textbook Step In, published by Oxford University Press. 

Since turning her hand to freelance journalism, Melissa has become the unsuspecting expert of the trucking industry. She knows the difference between a point-to-point and speed camera, can tell you which cities have the worst cases of road rage and can call upon her wide network of industry and driver contacts for advice and opinions. 

On almost every working day, Melissa indulges herself with a morning swim at Bronte pool. After her daily dose of chilly seawater and warm coffee, she disappears, lost between reading the latest news from Sanjuana Martínez and Carmen Aristegui and pursuing leads to impossible, unsellable stories. 

Melissa is a self-confessed nitpicker and grammar fanatic. While her at-times ruthless editing may frustrate others, these qualities ensure her work is always of the highest standard. She genuinely loves the English (and Spanish) language and as its advocate, takes critical, microscopic care in all work she delivers. 

As a journalist, Melissa sees her work as an opportunity to articulate the voice and ideas of others. She looks to use her skills as a storytelling to give meaning, breadth and context to tales that might be overlooked or misunderstood. 

For this reason, Melissa thinks it is important for brands to consider journalists. She believes journalist’s keen appreciation for story, character and voice is the perfect antidote to heavy-handed sales speak and phony marketing rhetoric. As Melissa moves into brand journalism, she is eager to use her sensitivity to commercial and editorial needs to craft stories with high emotional impact and resonance.  

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