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Terra Hall is a multimedia reporter, freelance photographer and brand journalist who specialises in current events, travel, culture, business and technology. While she got her start in journalism in front of the camera as a television anchor and reporter, these days she’s telling people’s stories from behind-the-scenes.

Always inquisitive and forever curious, Terra’s passion for journalism is fuelled by the field’s constant opportunities to discover something new from intriguing people every single day. From interviewing an Australian drug trafficker locked in a third-world prison, to photographing top designers like Tom Dixon and Kenneth Cole, Terra's career has taken her on some surprising adventures. 

To Terra, telling people’s stories – their trials and triumphs, their struggles and successes – is the glue that bonds humans together. That belief is at the root of why she became a journalist and why she continues to seek out stories that show a different perspective, introduce a new idea, ignite curiosity or bring people together.

After years of working as a full time reporter, Terra took a leap of faith and became the double F-word: a fearless freelancer. She joined the Newsmodo team in 2014 due to the organisation’s commitment to connecting some of the world’s brightest journalists with top publishers to create quality content that informs, entertains and educates readers around the globe. 

Terra’s journalism career started in New York City where she worked as an associate producer for CNN/Headline News. Her career later took her to America’s heartland, Los Angeles and eventually Lima, Peru, where she resides today. Terra has a Master of Science degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, as well as bachelor’s degrees in journalism and international affairs. 


You can read more of Terra’s work her website, www.TerraHall.com.


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