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I became fascinated with health and fitness at around the same time that Jane Fonda and her leg warmers began appearing on a multitude of exercise videos and Olivia Newton John started singing “Let’s Get Physical.”

Riding the “fitness wave” in the early days, working in gyms, teaching all manner of group fitness classes and personal training before it became the norm, I later attained a Bachelor of Human Movement Science (Ex Sc) and a Post Grad Diploma in Health Promotion. After studying and a short stint working with Australian Fitness Network organising fitness conventions, I ended up back on the podium – an over-educated aerobics instructor.

Passionate about travel, having been inspired by the 1970s Leyland Brothers travel shows, I fantasised about being a travel writer. In the advent of email, I had a captive audience to entertain with my backpacking adventures, and whether friends and family were just being polite, suggested enthusiastically that I should write.

Luckily for me, my dream eventually came true. A former colleague who was a magazine editor gave me the opportunity I needed and mentored me whilst I gained on-the-job experience as a travel, health, fitness and general all-round freelance writer. I stumbled and fell. I felt totally inadequate and whilst in the presence of my travel writing heroes (whom I met on media famils), eventually learned the ropes. 

Now more than five years on, I know what I am doing and I continue to be enthralled by being able to research and craft tales.

As they say, you go back to your roots – what you know, or what you are interested in, and for me, long before it was in vogue, it was the health and fitness industry. 

My portfolio includes inclusions in Fitness First magazine, eJournal Powered by Fitness Australia, OH! Magazine, What’s New in Fitness, Australasian Leisure Management and a number of other publications.

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