“Bending light, capturing time and shaping the worlds future”, was on the careers board at school - “this is the course to became an Astronaut, sign me up!”. Turns out it was a diploma in photography; lucky I was into the arts. 20 years ago I was locked in a darkroom turning out negs for printing presses. That's not a highlight, but it did come with a few insightful benefits for my later career – photography is used in so many ways. Ultimately leading me to swap the darkroom for a Lightroom and finding enjoyment in DSLR photography for both still and video.

My photo-journalism interests started when learning how to take photos, as I would ask myself "Why do this?". Today the “why” is key to my approach and my broad skills in photography help me illustrate the answers.

I shoot beautiful people and fashion adverts, sometimes for small boutiques but most of the time for a large retail department store. I create images, of food and home-wares for Australian lifestyle magazines. I photograph interiors, for the hipsters that run their own style of hotels. I collaborate with international artists, and shot the New York Times, T-Mag page. What I also do is understand your needs and go beyond the norm to make sure it tells your story.

If I was to explain my typical day, I think it would sound like white noise to most of you. Because, how to you hook journalists’ interests - they should be impartial to any story they're told? So, instead of selling you on what I do day-to-day, I would poke you in the eye and ask if you need help seeing! Metaphorically speaking.

I understand photographic techniques are changing. 
(Insert Pic. Evolution of Man - change Ape to a Box Brownie and replace Man with a GOPRO) 
But I believe that standards are set by the requirements of each job. And it's the desire to exceed these standards that sets a Pro from the rest.

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