I knew that I would be journalist since my childhood. As soon I started the University in Barcelona I worked in local newspapers and radios. I had already realized the importance on our days to have a good command of different formats.

My passion for this profession woke up in Brazil during my studies abroad (2012). On that wild environment I discovered my personal and professional limits. I adapt myself to take part in projects as a photographer. I worked in favelas and indigenous tribes. However, to be a journalist is not to be an adventurer but much more.

When I came back to Barcelona I did an internship as print journalist for the most important Spanish newspaper, EL PAÍS, by reporting protests and social issues. After, I was cameramen and editor for Barcelona Television (2013).

Nevertheless, I felt confident to reach higher goals and I moved on to Germany, where I learnt a new language -6 in total- and I collaborated as foreign correspondent for the Catalan newspaper Ara. Since September I am based in Greece, by working as volunteer for UNESCO. Here I have the chance to be focused on my field: Migration and Minorities.

Currently, I am developing projects related to Refugee issues. For example, a photo essay about displaced people from Kobane, or weekly reports and broadcasts. When I wake up I prepare a coffee like all the people, but I spend my daily life reading and writing tragic news and sometimes even photographing their protagonists. 

As well as Ryszard Kapuściński suggested, it is a challenge to be journalist and not to become sceptic. I face this reality every day, by keeping the enough sensibility for the human being and the profession. But now, with only 24 years, I don’t have other election, I have already the blood of a total reporter, and I will be forever member of this tribe.

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