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I am an award-winning journalist, and in fact received my latest award just recently on Friday, October 23. The United Nations Association of Australia presented the award for the best feature in print for 2014.

I am a freelance journalist and it was for a story published by the Sydney Morning Herald about asylum seeker Peter Qasim. It is my fourth media award.

I have been a journalist for thirty years.

The reason I first wanted to become a journalist was to have an opportunity to interview the Rolling Stones. Of course my motivation changed after university. I found I enjoyed the writing process. It has family echoes.

My mother wrote poetry. My father covered football for a local newspaper in Richmond after the war. But with a young family to support gave it up for accountancy.

One of my brothers and myself are contributors to Rhythms magazine.

My first newspaper staff job was with The Geelong Advertiser, followed by The Sun.

I left to spend four and a half years overseas as a foreign stringer based in Belfast. I was a regular contributor to The Sunday Age as well as freelancing for Irish newspapers.

My last staff position was with The Age for eleven and a half years when I won three media awards – the Australian Arabic Council Media Award 2004, the Human Right and Equal Opportunity Commission’s Media Award for 2005 and the Melbourne Press Club’s Quill Award for 2006. 
My specialist interests are refugees, immigration, human rights, the Middle East, crime, music and profiles.

I work from home and re-read my work several times to ensure I have done a professional job.

For professional outlets and brands, using a journalist allows your requirements to be presented in an interesting and engaging way.

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