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I'm Ahmed Deeb, photo and video journalist based in Turkey. I got Bachelor of Radio and Television at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza Strip and work around the Middle East. 

I work on documenting the Syrian conflict and its impacts since 2012 till now and I'm covering the news in Turkey, I have covered the news from Egypt 2011-2012, and Gaza November war 2012.

  • I had been selected for Noor-Nikon Masterclass 2014 in Turkey.
  • One of my photos during the last War on Gaza has won first place in the "UN Correspondents Association" photo exhibition in 2013,
  • I was nominated for UNICEF Photo of the Year Award 2013,
  • I had awarded the 3rd best news photographer in 2011 by the Thomson Foundation.
  • Finalist of American Echo Award for photojournalism "2012"
  • Finalist of Tumbhi Award "Indian" in 2012.

I have 6 years of the photography experience, I've worked as freelance photographer for the AFP agency, Anadolu agency, Al-Jazeera English, ZumaPress, GettyImages and NurPhoto agency.

My skills are editing the pictures through lightroom and photoshop, and edit the video on Final Cut Pro and Edius, I'm teaching the photography course and editing the pictures and videos.

In 2012 I was injured by a sniper bullet in my back while I'm photographing clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Regime Forces in the old city of Aleppo. Recently, I survived from a tank shell that targeted the car that I and Anadolu agency photographer were in, but the driver was so fast so the shell didn't hit the car directly but we got some fragments of the shell on the car body.

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