A work experience stint at ABC Radio News while I was at school, hooked me into wanting to become a journalist. I thrived on the fast-pace of reporting, and meeting so many interesting and influential people, as well as the odd crazy person (I still vividly remember interviewing a protestor in a sea of union strikers who angrily told my microphone the new government policy was “RATSHIT! Total RATSHIT”!) I was 17 and determined to carve out a career in journalism.

After studying a Bachelor of Arts degree (English / Visual Arts) at Monash University, I eventually studied Journalism at the University of Queensland. In 2002 I began writing for online magazine theLounge.com.au (now defunct), which led to writing freelance for a number of other publications including Qantas magazine, Marie Claire and The Age Online. 

I specialised my journalism from the beginning. Fashion was my other interest, but it was only while I was at university that I discovered fashion journalist Suzy Menkes and realised I could combine my two passions.

I became the Fashion and Lifestyle Editor at News Ltd’s Leader Newspapers where I worked for six years. From there I also did sub-editing for a year at the Herald Sun Online, and won a Walkley Award as a team effort for Outstanding Continuous Coverage of an Issue or Event (Black Saturday Bushfires, 2009). 

Fashion remains my area of specialty, and I also have a Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology from RMIT.

When I’m not writing or making clothes, I’m busy with my tweenage daughter (7 going on 17) and my cheeky cavoodle Molly (who happens to have a penchant for eating my silk dresses). 

I sub-edit my own work and have a strong work ethic. Communication is the most important part of my job.

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