After completing her Masters degree in Global Media Communication, Miriam fell in love with the art of story-telling. Her path towards gaining employment in the notoriously minuscule Australian media industry was paved with hard work, perseverance, and countless early morning starts.

Prior to freelancing, Miriam spent several years as a full-time reporter and newsreader for Gold 104.3, Mix 101.1, and 1116 SEN sports radio. Once starting her workday at 4AM began to take its toll, she turned to television news and began working as a freelance reporter for Network Ten.

A reporter never really knows what the day will hold. A typical day will begin anytime between 6AM and 8AM, and could involve rushing out to a breaking news story, or simply chasing talent for a colour piece. Some days will involve both, and it’s that variety that Miriam finds so irresistible about her work. Whilst many journalists are warned to never work with children or animals, these are some of Miriam’s favourite subjects. She also loves meeting different people and telling their stories.

As well as freelance journalism, Miriam now spends much of her time working in PR and communications. Her love of story-telling and her background in journalism is the perfect combination to help companies communicate their brands to the public.

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