I remember the moment that I really felt like a journalist. It was the middle of the night and there was a thunderous knock on my door. I sprang out of bed and the woman was shouting, “Get dressed, we need your help!”.

I was at San Diego State University and I was 16 years old. This wasn’t breaking news. This was an indoctrination into the world of journalism. I had been accepted into a program for high school students that taught us journalism for print, TV, and radio. One member of our team of 20 students was failing to meet the deadline for the newspaper to go to print. So, we all had to go back to the newsroom to help. 

I didn’t mind getting woken up in the middle of the night to help file news stories. It was a thrill that years later would become routine for me. I was hooked. From that point forward I was destined to become a TV journalist to do what I believed was at the heart of every reporter: to help make the world a better place.

By the time I was 20, perseverance, commitment, and dedication helped me land my first on-air news reporting job and later the position as morning TV news anchor in my hometown, San Diego, California. I stayed with the station for nearly 15 years.

But today my passion is entrepreneurship and helping companies tell their own story to capture consumer attention. I’m a multimedia brand journalist (which means I’m never without a camera). I host The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast, featuring weekly interviews with thought leaders from around the globe on journalism, branding, and entrepreneurship. 

I teach companies to BE the media. Gone are the days when corporations had to fight to get their story told. The playing field has been leveled by the Internet and simplified publishing technology. The power is in this formula:  “EC = MC” or Every Company Equals a Media Company. The way to capture consumer attention is through telling informative and engaging stories. That’s what 

I do as a brand journalist... and, thankfully, now I do it during traditional daylight hours. 

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