Shelly Horton’s high school guidance counsellor said she was too opinionated and warned her to tone it down.
She ignored him and turned it into a career.  Her opinion can now be heard on Channel 7 three times a week with regular segments on Sunrise, The Morning Show and Weekend Sunrise.  She also writes opinion pieces for The Daily Telegraph.
Take that Mr Counsellor.
She’s also a TV presenter on reporting on the latest health trends, exercise fads and medical breakthroughs. 
Through this gig she’s learned how to deliver branded content using her humour and disarming honesty.   She believes journalists must work with brands, and with 22 years in the industry, she knows it’s a case of adapt or die.
Her passions are writing authentically about relationships, women issues, health, pop culture and entertainment, but she prides herself on working with brands to bring pizzazz to any topic.
Before this, Shelly spent six years as Editor-at-Large of the entertainment section S in the Sun Herald, attending a liver shaking 1500 A-List events.
She then took on a much healthier role as National Editor of Life&Style for, writing stories on everything from women’s health to celebrity shenanigans. 
Before working at Fairfax Shelly was the South Pacific correspondent for the most watched entertainment program in the world… Entertainment Tonight, America. She also hosted her own TV show in the UK called “What’s On In London”.
She’s worked as a newsreader on Triple J, a producer on A Current Affair and a crime reporter on ABC Radio.
From chasing ambulances to chasing celebrities it’s been an interesting ride in her Jimmy Choos.


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