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I've been a journalist for almost 20 years, longer than the time I've put in as a tax accountant.

I've been a freelancer and I've been on staff in equal measures. There are pluses and minuses, but they all add up to doing what I enjoy.

There was no catalyst for change, but I was toying with the idea when, out of the blue, a rock star who was a personal friend (doesn't everyone have one of them?) told me in a pub that he'd always thought of me a writer.

Still, it was a slow, no-risk change for me, writing about sports events on the weekends, doing writing and journalism courses in my spare time, before I leapt ... and by then I had enough of a track record in small mags to get a regular gig at CFO magazine and later the lead tax news reporter at Thomson (now Thomson Reuters), followed by quite few years back with Fairfax

From the start, I planned on using my background as an accountant with post-grad qualifications in applied finance has been my selling point, and that's worked.

So, it's been business writing the board for me, covering SMEs to corporate giants. And, like the CFOs I was always interviewing, my experise covers the whole gamut: law, accounting, finance, banking, superannuation, shares, property, insurance and risk management – all in my comfort zone.

In 2008 I was headhunted from CFO magazine and the AFR, to managing editor at  Inst, then upwards to a bigger gig at Australian Banking & Finance.

But there came a time in 2013 when it was clear how much more I preferred the unruly life of interviewing interesting and influential people, getting out to cover events, and writing about it to the more suit-and-tie administration..

As an extra, I can usually take a decent news photo, a legacy of my days as a sports reporter, combined with some on the job learning as a magazine editor at the AFR.

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