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Being an automotive journalist isn't something I'd planned on but I'm glad the winds have blown me in that direction. Coming out of a radio and public speaking background certainly helped provide a way with words and allowed me to indulge in something I'm passionate about. A radio show about cars, starting in 1998, is what got the ball rolling, leading into evaluation of cars and getting published in Wheels and Motor magazines.

This certainly helped when I relocated to Sydney in 2004, expanding my circle of automotive and motorsport contacts, which has resulted in writing on a semi regular basis for V8 Action Illustrated magazine plus an online presence with Private Fleet and my own car review website, A Wheel Thing. It's helped that I've had formal media training in video production and utilising just enough to produce clips for A Wheel Thing TV's YouTube channel, been in front of a camera and providing knowledge of editing and production techniques.

Being a techhead is great; I read a lot of information and peruse industry websites, always brushing up on manufacturers news, engineering updates and refreshing my knowledge about items like handling. It recently gave me a position as a product specialist for the launch of the new Hyundai Genesis, because of my industry knowledge.

Writers like Michael Stahl, Paul Cockburn and Peter McKay are ones I respect, I love their ability to use and mould the English language into car stuff and entertain at the same time. Inspirational, one and all.

Being a work from home writer allows instant access to the greatest library of all and at any time; the internet gives me information, providing the ability to check and research to the n'th degree. This has come in superbly handy when asked to write, via the Australian PR company, for Lamborghini Automobili.

I was asked why brands needs journalists; they need people to turn ideas into words. Am I the best? I'm not blinded by allegiances, brands like my work because of that and they get what I think, regardless of whether the product was gold....or not.

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