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James has worked both sides of the fence in media. As a media advisor he has worked freelance with Nobel Laureates, ex-national leaders and various well-known names and brands. On behalf of these clients, James has written for The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many publications here and overseas. 

As a journalist, James has written freelance for such high profile outlets as The Wall Street Journal, and the South China Morning Post and the all major Australian newspapers and many magazines.  

He prides himself on his broad knowledge and ability to make just about anything interesting. But he specialises in general areas of finance and business, travel, sustainability, lifestyle and sports. His style lends especially well to colour pieces which have been sought after by editors around the world.  

But, his ability to write in an informal and engaging style lends well to all forms of copy-writing. A 20-year involvement in media gives James an understanding of what works and how brands can make interesting copy too. As he says, “we are narrative driven mammals and everything has its tale to tell.”

For James, the quality of the output is central. He will spend time researching a tiny detail, maybe just for a single line, if the overall copy needs it. Check every fact or quote and work fast without rushing is his bottom line. And also ensure lots of cups of tea and push-ups to get the brain going!

James shares the freelancer's common dilemma of having time to find the work as well as do it. As such, working with Newsmodo has made life a lot easier. He says its already changed his work patterns for the better and he looks forward to more finding more outlets for his work via its growing service. 

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