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Nichola Clark has over twenty years writing experience. During University in the UK, she realised early on, she could draw upon her talents and earn extra pennies writing for publishers rather than pulling pints and waiting on tables. 

After graduating, she worked at a glamorous photographic agency in London, which provided images to the London’s biggest newspaper and magazines titles. She was always torn between the ‘publishing’ and ‘photography’ world. So she decided to do both! In 2004 Nichola set up Ara Communications and later the photography arm, Ara Imagery. She hasn’t looked back. 

Nichola is a creative chameleon writer – she thrives on variety and has an ability to change the ‘colour’ of her writing, in genre and subject matter. Over the years, she has confidently edited publications and written print and online media. Her clients range from publishers, to PR and ad agencies, corporates, small businesses, consumer companies, government agencies and not for profits. As for content: food, fashion, business, events, travel…you name it, she does it! 

At the moment, she’s working on a photojournalist piece for fashion brand Levi, a creative, quirky Anglo-American travel piece for Coolstays, a glossy magazine feature on Red Balloon’s founder Naomi Simson and working with embassies around the world on brain aching trade profiles for Austrade. All in a day’s work! 

Nichola has carved a niche for ‘people profiles’ and been lucky enough to interview a host of inspiring leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrity chefs, sports people, authors, fashion designers and more. She has been given cooking tips from Maggie Beer, discussed depression with Jeff Kennet, relived the events of Black Saturday with Christine Nixon and covered climate change with Penny Wong. 

Besides her writing, Nichola is also a formally trained photographer. With a father who was a photography enthusiast, she grew up as a kid with a camera around her neck! She has always worked with photographs as an editor of publications and behind the camera. She believes the best story telling is made from the perfect collision of words and images.

Nichola works for many magazine publishers including Pacific Magazines and Bauer Media. She is a regular feature writer for Virgin’s inflight magazine Voyeur and Company Director magazine and has had her work published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald amongst others. 

Her corporate client list runs like the White Pages: Deloitte, KPMG, WWF, Austrade, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin, St George, Westpac…

Nichola doesn’t see her work as a job but as a lifestyle. She goes out of her way to listen to clients and interviewees to get the best results and stories. She treats each assignment, no matter the brief, as an individual challenge and takes pride in creating and delivering quality work. 

Nichola believes brands always need fresh creative blood! It often takes an aerial view, to find the best angle and most interesting story.

In her spare time, Nichola writes! She has a number of children’s book drafts on the go that she hopes she will one day have the time to finish.

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