Phindiwe Nkosi is a South African university postgraduate with more than a decade of relevant work experience. She has a B.A. (Hons) degree in Culture and Media Studies and a B.A. degree (majoring in English, Visual Communication and Drama) from the University of Pretoria. 

In order to keep abreast of cutting-edge industry trends, she has also completed several university courses which include knowledge management, marketing management, public relations and The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)’s course in social media and communication strategies.

Her working experience includes working as a web editor at the University of South Africa, a communications editor at Absa Bank, an editorial reporter at Citizen Metro and the Caxton Press, a communications practitioner at the University of Pretoria, a marketing and communications manager, a speech writer for corporate executives and top politicians and a social media expert consultant. She has also authored two books that were published on Amazon.

Phindiwe is a freelance writer and has written for BabyGaga, The News Hub, You&Me Magazine, Mamas & Papas, S'campto Uncut magazine and more. As part of her work with Newsmodo, she has undertaken projects which included freelancing as a TV news anchor for ABC News 24 and more.

In addition to interviewing global award-winning celebrities, she has attended events and interviewed captains of the industry such as current President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, the former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki, former adviser to the British government Sir David King and former Lesotho Minister Monyane Moleleki.

She regularly writes for travel publications such as the Heritage magazine, the African Travel Market and FlyAfrica's in-flight magazine. She also provides web copy, editorials, features, speeches and more content to clients based in South Africa, Australia, India, Canada, UK and other locations.



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