Linh Dao

Linh is experienced in multi-media journalism from writing for multiple platforms, including web, print, radio and TV. 

Linh has a flair for technology, regularly producing content in graphic design programs and film editing software. Linh abides by the highest journalistic standards and is also a certified professional by the UK National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Linh’s first job provided her invaluable insights from the other side of the fence. As a corporate in-house copywriter, she was able to blend her high journalistic ethics and knowledge gained from the inbound marketing discipline. Over an 18-month period, Linh helped her team grow the company’s online presence exponentially with 100% increase in blog traffic and some top search word Google rankings. During that time, Linh also worked part-time as a TV news journalist, writing and presenting global news bulletins at the weekends. 

Linh’s inquisitive mind has led her to live, work and study in 5 cities, 3 countries over the past 9 years, collecting experiences along the way. While pursuing her Master of Media Practice degree at the University of Sydney, Linh continued to sharpen her brand journalism by working part-time. Coupled with some freelancing and coursework tasks, her portfolio includes interviewing prominent business people, non-profit organisations and using content management systems.

She is also the editor of 2 published books on outsourcing and supply chain. Now based in Adelaide, South Australia, Linh looks to the unique platform provided by Newsmodo to continue providing high-impact content for businesses.



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