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Lara Cain Gray (PhD) is a freelance writer with a background in education, cultural studies and museum curatorship. 

Currently based in Brisbane, she has over 15 years experience as a writer and researcher in Australia and overseas. She specialises in quality online content and feature articles for the education, business and arts sectors. 

Lara gets excited about other peoples' stories – reading them, understanding them, sharing them. She loves the process of sinking her teeth into research material and turning it into lively, readable articles.  She honed this skill during her years as curator of the British Library’s Australian collection and later at the Queensland Museum, where making complex stories available to a wide audience was essential.  

After many years as a bookish academic, Lara now enjoys a lively social life – albeit it largely online! With a keen interest in web writing and social media, Lara is a freelance writer who understands the importance of brand storytelling in the digital age. Web savvy consumers no longer believe the big claims of conventional advertising; they want to hear about first-hand experiences, evidence and innovation, or the story behind the logo.  

Lara’s value as a writer is in combining old-fashioned academic rigour with enthusiasm for digital content creation. 

The latest challenge for Lara as a writer is to squeeze perfect parenting into her work day. This has motivated her to become a regular contributor to several family-focussed publications, including Brisbane’s Child, Kids In The City and Families Magazine. She also writes culture blog for sleep deprived parents This Charming Mum.

For Lara, Newsmodo offers freelancing the ‘easy’ way.  They look after the admin while Lara concentrates on the best bits – research and writing – which is the way most writers would like to be able to work. 



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