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Rebecca’s Year 12 maths teacher suggested she become a journalist, leading her to wonder how she scored on her last algebra test.

His prediction, however, proved prophetic. She is now an award-winning writer, qualified computer geek and non-practising lawyer. She has five years’ experience penning feature articles covering fashion, pop culture and lifestyle topics, along with social media and general geekery.

These articles have appeared throughout Australia in print and online publications such as Women's Health and Fitness, Diabetic Living, Jetstar Magazine, The Big Issue, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC The Drum, and SBS Comment & Analysis.

She has also spoken on Australian radio and television, in print and in person as a commentator on a variety of subjects including editing and digital journalism. Outlets she has worked with include the Emerging Writers' Festival, SA Writers' Centre, Today Tonight, The Morning Show, Radio 6PR (Perth) and Money magazine.

Rebecca has been told she has a knack for turning a dry and complicated subject into a reader-friendly story. She finds she is able to appreciate the beauty of pretty much any topic once she has researched and properly understands it and takes pride in finding a way to communicate it in a clear and entertaining fashion.

Apart from her nerdy interest in comics, LEGO and video games, Rebecca is a genuine word nerd. She enjoys Scrabble, word puzzles and correcting other people’s spelling and grammar, although mostly in her head to avoid being regularly punched in the face.

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