A multi-hyphenated filmmaker and photographer with credits that range from studio films, television and independent media, Todd has written and directed for such legends as Roger Corman and such mainstays as Sony Pictures.

He has been produced and published in the fields of writing, filmmaking and photography. His work has appeared in publications such as: Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Herald Sun, Black Belt Magazine, and the Hollywood Journal, amongst others. Todd has worked with an assortment of entertainment legends that include Grammy and Oscar winners Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand, Neil Patrick Harris, Ed Asner and Gina Gershon. With a particular affinity for the music industry, Todd has made an assortment of personal nonfiction films for clients such as: Rufus, Jim Fuller, Sounds of the Supremes, N'Kenge (now with Berry Gordy), Ryan Cox and others. 

Todd Felderstein is also an active mentor in under-served communities throughout Los Angeles furthering literacy and communication skills through the storytelling process in digital media, photography, and assorted tools employed in the filmmaking arena. 





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