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Our mission


We believe quality journalism delivers compelling stories.


We deliver engaging stories for an ever-growing client list of news outlets, publishers, brands and agencies around the world.

We do so through a global network of journalists and expert content creators – affording clients the flexibility and agility to source unique perspectives for potent storytelling and effective brand messaging.

Our team works with each client to develop their brief, providing a curated collection of the best pitches, assisting with content creation and amplification. We understand and always deliver on client requirements from international coverage, local or industry specific knowledge to brand affinity and SEO.


What this means for news agencies and publishers

Newsmodo acts as your offsite newsroom, providing near-instant access to an extensive library of evergreen content that frees time for on-staff writers.

Our extensive community of well-credentialed journalists delivers hyper-local and global stories, uncovering exclusive angles on hot topics worldwide. We are nimble, able and ready. We are a global extension of your team that can bring you unique perspectives when you need them.


What this means for brands and media agencies

We work with brands and media agencies to create compelling brand messages and stories that deliver engagement through the craft of professional journalism.

Brands foster relationships with their customers through engaging dialogue, expert insight and thought-leading narrative. For media agencies, our expertise helps to shape content for maximum delivery across channels. Our experience with content strategy becomes a powerful lever to maximise client spending.

Quality journalism is critical for content marketing. Contributing to native advertising by providing captivating, highly sharable content, our experienced journalists work across video, photography and writing to seamlessly fit into any media mix.


What this means for freelancers

Through our ever-growing client base of news outlets, publishers and brands, we connect you with briefs from clients who are looking for unique perspectives and compelling stories delivered through quality journalism.

And through our global network, you can connect and collaborate with industry peers.


We look forward to working with you.



Rakhal Ebeli




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