Your partner for stories that engage

We provide compelling stories to a growing client list that includes agencies, brands, publishers and news outlets. With unrivaled agility and flexibility, we let clients annex an unofficial “in-house” newsroom, so they can capitalise on new opportunities and our network of expertise across all categories and countries.


Evergreen content

Select your subject matter and have your content platform populated with long-lasting highly engaging and shareable content, supplied by our journalists and curated exclusively for you by our editorial team.

Branded content

Tailoring output to your overarching brand messaging, we work directly with you to produce high quality content that will set you apart from others in your industry. Tell your brand's stories, win trust and build engagement. Amplify your content through our partner relationships and see traffic to your content soar.


Newsworthy content

Editorial publishers and newsrooms can tap into our network to engage journalists of all capacities in all corners of the globe to cover the stories they need. Use Newsmodo for:

  • Written material

  • Photo or video coverage

  • Live crosses

  • Extended coverage

  • Expertise

  • Breaking news coverage anywhere, anytime

  • Exclusive stories pitched to your briefs

Advertorial content

Engage Newsmodo at the creative stage and we will help you execute and improve your advertorial offerings. We bring in the best freelance journalists under each vertical to help create sellable story concepts to your brief,  then commission the content you and your partners need.