Why changing media is making your news everyone’s content

By Melissa Kitson @mnkitson

The speed and scope of digital communication has transformed the way the news is consumed and distributed.

We no longer have an orderly assembly line that delivers information from top to bottom. Instead, we have an anarchic system that is interconnected, global and readily accessible.

This has dramatically changed journalism and the media, creating an industry that is:

More mobile

Mobile phones are the new newspapers. Where before we looked to the paperboy for our daily news, today we increasingly look to apps, online sources and social media for information. This has given us unprecedented access to both global and local news. Not only is news more accessible, it is more frequently updated. The disruption to traditional news cycles has created a new currency of immediacy, prompting publishers to respond with nimbleness and speed.

More interactive

Today, readers don’t wait for news to ‘hit the press’. They are not passive. They engage, hit back and create the news.

Not only can readers connect with media broadcasters and publishers – they can speak directly to journalists. This has given rise to a new culture of journalism, one where journalists are sought not for their affiliation with a network but for their personal views and perspective.

With greater tools to build their profile and engage the public and publishers, journalists have more control over where and how they share their stories.

More diverse

Journalism has diversified both in content and in format.

On the one hand, digital has invited a greater variety of perspectives, allowing new voices to share their views on news and social issues.

On the other hand, multimedia content has inspired new forms of storytelling. This has refreshed traditional approaches to media, creating innovative podcast, online collaborations and cross-platform packages. 
This change has given journalists greater power to create their own digital entities, shaped by their voice and hosted on their platform.