Brand Publishing Tips & Strategies With Martin Wanless

Brand storytelling and publishing are becoming buzz words. But the ability to do content marketing right is eluding many companies. Learn best practices in digital and how to identify your key  performance indicators to determine your success. 

How do you create that quality content is still the challenge for people especially if they haven’t
got journalism experience or haven’t got journalism training. So find the experts that you can tap
into, whether they are within the organisation or outside the organisation, who can help tell the story.

                                                                                                                     –Martin Wanless.


Martin is Chief Content Officer at Sydney-based content agency Mahlab Media, where he 

manages an in-house team of writers, videographers and social media experts who create 

business-aligned content that’s genuinely useful for their clients’ audiences. He has been with 

Mahlab Media since 2010, after 10 years with UK trade exhibition organiser ITE Moda, where 

he managed the day-to-day activity in the company’s publishing division, and worked with the 

marketing and PR team.


What You’ll Learn

  • What we can learn from traditional media publications.

  • How to establish best practices in a digital era.

  • How to bring stories to life that are compelling for your target audience.

  • How niche and small publication runs can really help build your company.

  • Why brands will need to develop apps for content.

  • The biggest challenge with content marketing and how to address it.

  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for brand storytelling.


Key Takeaways

1. Dig deep into your audience and find the stories that really matter or else you face getting lost in digital clutter.

2. Create series of stories. Explainer videos are great way to dig deeper into a niche topic. 

3. Use your content to “spinoff”  a particular topic, creating more content pieces so that you can maximise and leverage the content.

4. Have the right philosophy. Building a loyal following comes from the publication creating an environment that people want to be part of and want to share its content.

5. Create experiences that people want to be part of and want to spread the message.

6. Consider how your content can be turned into an app.

7. Identify your goals and ways to measure it. Set a time frame and start with a benchmark.

8. Make sure your content creation has laser focus on what is a successful outcome. 

9. Know the value of your customer. 

10. Use vital KPIs. For instance, a good KPI is to increase your email list which can lead to greater sales conversions.

11. Think quality over quantity: The story must be good or it will be overlooked and ignored.

12. Maximise and leverage your content by repurposing it to multiple platforms.


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