What Is The ‘Experience Marketing’ Era? With Robert Rose

Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose, says we’re in the “experience marketing era”. Find out what that means and why brands must be not only creating quality content but providing true value and experience for consumers.

Robert Rose is in the business of helping marketers become stellar storytellers. In addition to his role at the Content Marketing Institute, he is a Senior Contributing Consultant for Digital Clarity Group, Robert helps develop content marketing and customer experience strategies for large companies such as Oracle, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Allstate Insurance, Staples, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Petco and UPS  – helping them tell their story more effectively.


What You’ll Learn.

  • A bit of trivia about the term “soap operas”.
  • The eras of brand storytelling.
  • Why the 7th era of marketing is all about customer experiences.
  • How to get intimate with the customer.
  • How to differentiate your company by creating a “moment of inspiration”.
  • Why you sometimes need to slow down the sales and marketing process.
  • How content can function as a process within your business.


Key Takeaways

1.    The “relationship era” is not dead.

2.    This is the age of the “experience” marketing era.

3.    Products and services are easy to replicate; experiences are not.

4.    Lego creates an experience. The brand does not focus on its plastic toys.

5.    HubSpot invented the “inbound experience” and transformed the industry. They created a company around the brand.

6.    Reduce your content creation and instead focus on experiences.

7.    Create experiences that create value for the consumer and make them want to use your products and services.

8.    Don’t separate content marketing from your traditional marketing. Instead work to make your overall marketing better.


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