Word of Mouth Marketing: how to get your customers talking

By Rachel Kurzyp

Organic word of mouth has long been a great way for businesses to on-board new customers, but how can marketers strategise to maximise its effect?

Today, 92 per cent of customers believe recommendations from friends and family over traditional advertising.

The problem is word of mouth  is not easily planned, actioned or tracked.  The solution is to organise a word of mouth marketing (WOMM) strategy.  

Brands understand the significance of word of mouth marketing yet, only 6 per cent say they have mastered it.

This is because brands have been focusing on collecting social media fans instead of connecting with them. WOMM is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. It requires work, foresight and creativity.

Here are four tips to get you started on your next campaign. 

Be interesting

Nobody talks about boring companies, products or ads. You have to do something special if you want people to talk about you. Before you run an ad, launch a product or produce content, ask yourself: Would anyone tell a friend about this? If the answer is no, rethink your angle.

Remember, people aren’t going to talk about product features, but they will tell their friends about the benefits.

Make it easy

Word of mouth is the laziest component of a content marketing strategy. You’ve got to help it along if you want it to go anywhere.

You need to do two things: create a simple message and help people share it. Start with a topic that anyone can remember and limit it to one sentence. Anything longer will just get distorted or forgotten.

Second, find ways to make it easier to spread your message. An announcement on your website or brochure is a good place to start. Sharing your message in an email or via a social network will truly set the wheels in motion.

Make people happy

Happy customers are your greatest advertisers.

Go the extra mile to make their day and surprise them. When people like you they will want to help and support your business. They will also want their friends to enjoy what you have to offer.

Incorporate simple actions into your content marketing strategy to help your brand connect with its customers:

  • Ask customers to provide feedback on a product.
  • Have management thank customers.
  • Send personalised welcome emails when customers subscribe to your newsletter.

Earn trust and respect

Nobody talks positively about a company they don’t respect, trust or like. Business ethics should be at the heart of everything you do. Always have your customers in mind. Talk to them and fulfil their needs.

Ask yourself: Would people be proud to tell your brand’s story to their friends? If not, think about how you can change this. Do you need to reduce the amount of non-targeted content you are sending or give customers a break from financial asks?

WOMM is about joining and participating in genuine customer conversations. How are you going to connect with your customers and get them talking?

One way to get a conversation flowing with your customers is to produce engaging and shareable content. Newsmodo are experts in content creation, contact us for your next marketing campaign. 


Rachel Kurzyp Bio: A writer and communications consultant helping businesses build their digital story.

Website: http://www.rachelkurzyp.com.au