Building & Protecting Your Online Reputation With Nicole Matejic

The growth of social media has brands wondering how to protect and build their reputations online. Nicole Matejic shares strategies to keep your brand safe as well as how to build a content library in your area of expertise.

“The storytelling aspect has completely changed with the revolution of social media. So, you need to be across so many different aspects of storytelling now and the brands that do that storytelling well, really engage and have that audience that just loves them. They have those “raving fans” as Pat Flynn likes to call them.” –Nicole Matejic

CEO of global military think tank ‘Info Ops HQ’ Nicole delivers training to global military forces in strategic and tactical information operations in the social media battlespace.

Also known as The #SocialFirefighter® – Nicole founded and heads up Australian Social Media Crisis Communications Consultancy ‘Social Media Monster.’ Working with all levels of Government and in the corporate sector, Nicole provides specialist crisis communications services, training, strategy and preparedness simulations to organisations across Australia. As an early adopter of using social media as a law enforcement and intelligence information source; Nicole’ s experience, qualifications and unique insight into the social media battlespace has seen her turn her highly successful blog into a global consultancy that delivers training to military forces around the world.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to protect your brand.
  • How to help prevent your brand from being impersonated.
  • Why you must have a content library.
  • How to discover what your audience likes: using platforms such as Facebook insights.
  • The three social media rules of engagement.
  • How to start conversations to encourage online social media engagement.

Key Takeaways

1.    Don’t just set a social media stream to be a one-way broadcast.

2.    You must be actively involved in your social media communities to protect your brand.

3.    Watch out for social media predators who impersonate brands by setting up fake accounts.

4.    These fake accounts are designed to gather likes and emails and sell them to marketers.

5.    Be present and relevant on social platforms.

6.    Watch the engagement to learn about what your audience likes.

7.    Share third-party content but be sure to get your voice into the content by commenting on it.

8.    Be mindful of the words you use. Your posts build your online reputation.

9.    Set a culture and tone on your Website hub through your content.

10.  Make sure the content created is produced and written in a way that replicates the brand experience and carries an authentic voice.



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Social Media Rules Of Engagement by Nicole Matejic

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