How To Start A Podcast With Richard Davies

Did you know that podcasts create an intimate relationship with your customers?

This week we sat down with Richard Davies, a former ABC correspondent. Listen, and learn how to start a podcast and why you need journalists, editors, and storytellers to support your creation of branded content. 

Richard Davies is the founder, Executive Producer, and co-host of How Do We Fix It?

He was at the Berlin Wall in 1989, on President-elect Clinton’s campaign plane in 1992, and in 
the streets of lower Manhattan on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.  He’s reported from four 
continents and more than 20 nations, following wars, political campaigns, royal weddings and 
the global financial crisis.  

Now it’s time for something new.  After reporting the news at ABC, Richard is free to comment.

His first venture is the weekly podcast, How Do We Fix It? Richard and fellow journalist, Jim Meigs, former Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics, call on experts, and seek solutions to vital maters that concern all of us.  From getting out of personal debt to finding better teachers for our kids and probing the future of space exploration, How Do We Fix It? presents positive views on challenging matters.

The Rise of Podcasts

We’re talking about podcasting and what is being called the “Golden Age of audio podcasts”.
The numbers are growing rapidly and more brands and solopreneurs are taking a seat behind 
the microphone and sharing their thoughts.

In the U.S. 40 million podcast listeners tune into podcasts each month and that figure is 
expected to grow with the advancement of technology. Car dashboards are soon going to be 
equipped with technology to easily listen to podcasts.

For instance, the birth of networks such as Gimlet Media which was founded by Alex Blumberg, a former producer for This American Life, raised interest and millions to launch the company. And the podcast Serial, created by the creators of This American Life, attracted huge numbers of listeners to the tune of about about a million+ downloads per episode.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to use branded content in your podcast.

  • What makes the best podcasts sound so good.

  • Why podcasting is on the verge of big success.

  • How to build an audience for your podcast.

  • How Patagonia uses its podcast to deepen relationships using branded content.


Key Takeaways

1. More than 40 million Americans listen to a podcast in a given month.

2. Immediacy and intimacy are two of the most powerful aspects of podcasting.

3. Podcasts offer the opportunity to be more experimental.

4. Podcasts are intimate.

5. Make your podcast a story that contains information, interviews, tips, resources, and experts.

6. Make sure your podcast provides value.

7. Use your podcast to spark people’s interest via storytelling.

8. Consider voice coaching or guidance if you’ve never done audio broadcasting.

9. Silence is okay. Sometimes listeners actually need a moment to catch up. 

10. Make your brand reflect who you are: be yourself.


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