3 Content marketing lessons from Netflix

Netflix is finding its way into millions of homes and onto screens globally. First believed to be just another library with a good interface, Netflix has proven itself worthy of our attention. The billion dollar entertainment company understands the importance of putting the customer first, second and third.

Here are three content marketing lessons from Netflix you can apply in your business today.

Give your customers what they want

Do you know when, where and how your customers want information? Find out, and use this data to inform your content marketing strategy. Netflix maybe an entertainment company but they live and breathe data. They know it’s not enough to create good content that appeals to the masses. You have to develop tailored content that appeals to your niche communities, too. 

While your niche communities might not stand out on your Google Analytics dashboard they are probably some of your most loyal customers. Take the time to segment your markets so you can easily identify these customers and create custom content that answers their specific questions.

…put your customers first not your competitors.


Personalise your user experience

Netflix understands the importance of personalising services based on previous viewing history and time spent on the site. They learnt their viewers loved to binge-watch television series so they made the decision to upload all episodes of the original series at once. 

Do you know how your customer likes to interact with your content? Do you suggest products to your customers based on previous purchases? You too can easily personalise your service and improve your target marketing. It’s about moving away from traditional methods of marketing and selling that focus on what brands wanted their customers to do, and when. Now, it’s about engaging with customers with the focus being to build long-term relationships, and provide support at every step of your customer’s journey.

…if you want to be seen as an expert in your field you also need to create original content


Diversify your content

When Netflix first came onto the scene it was a content curation company. Curating content is a great way to attract more people to your site, especially through social media. However, if you want to be seen as an expert in your field you also need to create original content, and it has to be good. Netflix realised this too, and it wasn’t until House of Cards and Daredevil aired that the company finally got the recognition it deserved.

Like Netflix, you need to produce high quality, unique content offerings and deliver them consistently. Your content needs to be worthy of your customer’s email addresses so they will download it. And the more intriguing and valuable your content is the more likely your customers will talk about your brand. 

Don’t just create another e-book because others are, put your customers first not your competitors. Create content that builds trust, adds value, and highlights what you do best. Look back through your data to learn what type of content attracted your customers, what keeps them interested, and build your strategy from here.

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Photo credit: giveawayboy via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND