3 Steps to Naturally Attract a Target Audience




Teaming up again with the University of Melbourne and their Masters of Journalism Program,
Samar Khouri has joined us as an intern during the second year of her uni life. 


Writing and producing cohesive, engaging content is needed everywhere and getting the right message to the right people at the right time is really important in order to have a loyal following and grab people’s attentions. So, here’s three steps to naturally gain organic traffic, build a reputation and establish an online presence today.  


Build that website/blog

Newsmodo has a network of journalists, content specialists, bloggers, videographers, influencers and creators around the world, writing and creating high quality, authentic content and coverage for global brands from different sectors.

Every one of them are experts in certain areas. So, blogging and creating a portfolio online is necessary to build a professional brand. By doing so, focus on a specific area or offer expert knowledge in certain places.

According to Content Marketing Institute, infographics, white papers, date/research, webinars and videos are best for link-building content in 2017. Content increases a website’s optimization. Therefore, writing original blog posts regularly allows more engagement with readers and builds public trust in this new media ecosystem.



Produce a podcast

Podcasting is a personal and work-intensive medium. It may be smaller than other media sectors, listeners seem to be targeting episodic audio series. The Age stated that 10 billion podcasts were downloaded on Apple devices in Australia last year. Australia’s national broadcaster ABC, received “153 million podcast downloads or streams in 2015-16”, suggesting that their podcast listeners grew by 14 per cent.

Also, Edison Research found that monthly podcast listeners range from 25-54 year olds while weekly podcast listeners listen to an average of six podcasts.

Before producing a podcast, know your listeners and what they would like to hear. To stand out from competitors in the marketplace, bring something new to the market rather than a passionless show. People want to listen to niche topics rather the same content covered already. Interview experts within your field or in any other industry. They can, in return, promote the podcast to their followers.

Creating authentic audio content also helps also build your interviewing and production skills as well as teaches you how to listen.

By exposing your content to thousands of listeners, publishing podcasts on well-known platform such as iTunes or TuneIn is a way to slowly reach and grow audiences.


Create engaging videos

Videos are not all about showing hard facts but it’s also about telling the story. What does your brain spend half the day doing?” asks Founder & CEO of Virable, Jonathan Creek, to Newsmodo’s team one Thursday afternoon. The right answer is …. daydreaming.

A former award winning Investigative Journalist for Channel 7, Jonathan Creek decided to launch his own company, Virable, because of his obsession for viral content and the science behind how human brain works when clicking and sharing content.

Mr Creek gave the Newsmodo team a little discussion on the latest trends in viral video content creation and distribution, a topic that is of interest to those wanting to build an online brand in this fast-paced, competitive industry.

The way we consume information has changed and it’s a fact that most engaging content online always wins, but what makes a video viral? Engaging content that tell stories and connects brands with humans.




Samar Khouri




Header image credit: Tom Pumford