5 tips to be a successful blogger

One of Australia’s ‘Most Clickable Women’, Alicia Vrajlal, shares her hot tips for a successful blog.

Alicia with Home and Away starlets Terri Haddy (left) and David Jones Roberts (right)
Alicia with Home and Away starlets Terri Haddy (left) and David Jones Roberts (right)

Find an interest

In order to be a successful and unique blogger, you should be passionate about the subject of your blog. Identifying a niche is a good idea. I started my own blog I Am Starstruck in January 2011. It is an entertainment site with a focus on Australian pop culture content. I noticed a gap in the Australian media market for local entertainment content so I decided to start up my own blog as the ultimate online destination for news and photos of Aussie celebrities.

Understand your audience

Think about what your audience wants to read and identify how you can remain competitive in the blogosphere. Be the number one blog for your target market.

Social Media

Reaching an audience has never been easier, as almost everyone uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only does extensive social media utilisation facilitate immediacy in delivering information, it is also an excellent networking tool. Twitter has particularly allowed me to build my follower base.  Many Australian celebrities including Firass Dirani, Jesinta Campbell, Nikki Phillips, Didier Cohen, Dan Ewing and Timomatic show their support for the blog by retweeting links.

Be original

Having your own style and differentiating your blog is key. Let your posts reflect your own personality. What differentiates I Am Starstruck from other entertainment blogs is its extensive coverage of local content from the perspective of both a media insider when I attend industry events, and a fan when I review shows and music. This means that followers get the hottest celebrity scoop whilst still relating to the voice behind the blog.  

Choose a good domain

Keeping it simple and distinguishable is key.  Choose a name that is memorable and stay away from too many numbers and abbreviations that may confuse readers.

Alicia Vrajlal is a postgraduate Masters journalism student based in Sydney, Australia.  She also has an undergraduate degree in business and accounting.  She was nominated in the 2013 Mamamia Most Clickable Women Awards and has written for various magazines and websites whilst interning.