A Graduate’s Perspective of Newsmodo




Teaming up again with the University of Melbourne and their Masters of Journalism Program,
Samar Khouri has joined us as an intern during the second year of her uni life. 


People would questionably ask whether my choice of a career that involves telling stories or typing loudly on a keyboard. They probably assume that journalism is either an easy profession or a fading one.

President Donald Trump’s frequent use of the term ‘fake news’ towards well-respected news outlets ever since the US election campaign may or may have not damaged the credibility or reputation of news organisations and journalism as a whole.


Much to the distraught news back in May, Fairfax Media has let go a quarter of the journalists from their newsroom.

According to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the journalist’s union stated that over 2,000 journalists have been made redundant since 2011. This amount may be unsettling, suggesting that journalism is declining in this era.

All those factors don’t seem to stop me from pursuing journalism. There’s always stories to be told. The quality of storytelling may have decreased but journalism is not dying.


Entering the workplace as a fresh journalism graduate in a small organisation feels like a stepping stone to becoming a writer. I initially thought starting in a fast-paced environment was the right way to start my career but figured working at a content marketing agency like Newsmodo would help me grow the skills that I acquired at The University of Melbourne.

Founded by former Channel 10 News Journalist and Presenter, Newsmodo has a world-wide network of content creators, journalists, bloggers, influencers and videographers that create high quality coverage for their clients and delivers them to a whole range of publications.


Much like Dubai’s workplace, Newsmodo’s employees are a mix of individual talents with a wide variety of responsibilities and professional backgrounds, having previously worked at Fairfax Media, Channel 10 and NBC Universal Digital Media in the US. So, it’s an additional bonus interning at Newsmodo because as an aspiring media writer, I have the opportunity to learn from the minds of diverse, experienced professionals.

Based on the friendly-like, supportive atmosphere and the flexibility of the office space culture, with upbeat tunes constantly playing in the background, I knew that Newsmodo would be a perfectly comfortable organisation to intern.


As an intern, I will learn not only how to research and write business-to-business pieces for their audience and prepare for the real life of tight deadlines, short notices and tasks of pressured newsrooms but also the company’s creative process and the way they work with global brands such as ANZ Bank, Coca-Cola, NBL, La Trobe University, Fairfax Media, Expedia, News Corp and many more.

So, it would be exceedingly informative to observe and understand how to generate content and the great detail and immense planning Newsmodo goes through to satisfy their clients.




Samar Khouri




Header image credit: Dmitry Ratushny