Are You An Amazing Employee? [INFOGRAPHIC]



According to Youth Central there are specific Employability Skills’ that, generally speaking employers look for.

Whether it’s coding skills, a Bachelor of Business, or even a Degree in Pet Cosmetology*; some jobs will have requirements and some will not.

Regardless, if you keep on scrolling you’ll find out if you can still be an amazing employee with, or without the MBA.



*A Degree in Pet Cosmetology may not be an actual degree available for study.

Confident enough to execute but humble enough to take coaching/feedback?
Accountable? Own your work, your decisions, and all of your results—good or bad.

Say No? Engage in "healthy conflict" and speak up when necessary.
Differentiate between real problems and background noise?

Walk past problems? You see problems as issues that need to be fixed; it’s that simple.
Have an ego? While that’s part of what drives you, never give your ego more weight than what is deserved.

Want to learn? You realise that you can always get better and are invested in improving constantly.
Be well liked by your co-workers? You have integrity and leadership skills that people respond to.

Passionate & engaged. You are invested in making the company better.
You're not an a**hole. You put the team and team goals before yourself.

You Are An Amazing Employee



Katherine Auchterlonie 




Useful Tools Courtesy Of The Big Players



Just in case you missed all the different announcements and updates so far, we are going to recap some of the new features introduced to Amazon, Google and Facebook; that marketers, could potentially take advantage of.

Let us get this kicked off with:



In the world of social media, we have yet another contender: Spark

Amazon Spark is a place to discover things from people who share your interests. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for home décor or seeking advice for the best long-distance running shoes, Spark makes it easy to discover—and shop—stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like.

It’s a e-commerce-come-social-network platform that will make it even easier to shop within the app. Think shoppable photos a lá Instagram..

Influencers can get on board with this as brands can’t yet post; using a little brand representation courtesy of a micro-influencer could set you ahead of the pack.

Hopefully we’ll see this coming to Australia in the near future.

After doing some quiet testing earlier this year, an announcement from Facebook CPO Chris Cox confirmed that they have launched Groups for Pages—allowing the 70mil. Pages on Facebook to create their own little communities and feeds.

We’re making Groups for Pages available around the world today. If you are an artist, a business, a brand, or a newspaper, you can now create fan clubs and groups centered around your super-fans.” Chris posted on his Facebook.

These groups will be linked to the main brand page, and you could potentially start segmenting your audience based on different interests and levels of interaction.

The opportunity for some serious targeted messaging means that brands can pretty much personally interact and create a new level of rapport with their consumers.

I think we’ve all been a little surprised at some stage or another, by how much Google notices and then ‘suggests’ to you based on your web browsing.

Well now they’ve levelled up.. for Google App users the monitoring of online behaviour will now be reflected in personalise newsfeed recommendations—based on not only search history but selected preferences as well.

Amanda Pressner Kreuser recommends brands using this to update top-performing blog posts (no matter how old) because Google will more than likely send traffic to high-quality articles. She says “Make sure those pieces contain timely language and links .. so readers will have every opportunity to learn about your brand .. “

So, now that you’re in the know; what are you going to do with these tools to potentially affect your brand?



Katherine Auchterlonie